A romantic theme in Cologne!

GTO's Sam Noble (far right) finds out about the IGA garden festival.

GTO’s Sam Noble (far right) finds out about the IGA garden festival.

An opportunity to enjoy some excellent summer weather in Cologne came with this year’s RDA travel and tourism show, attended by Peter Stonham and Sam Noble at the end of July.

As usual, the event showcased a very rich range of local tourism attractions in Germany and neighbouring countries. Peter also enjoyed a walk into the centre of the city over a bridge festooned with padlocks placed by romantically-minded couples. In the event itself, another experience with a similar flavour was being promoted – the ‘Romantic Route’ between Würzburg and Füssen, on which you can occasionally travel in a vintage 1950s coach.

Sam meanwhile found information on the continuing plans for the ambitious major IGA garden festival taking place in Berlin in 2017. The event will run from April to October and feature projects concerning the future of urban parks and green areas. A new landscape discovery park is also being built on the edge of the city as part of the project, where visitors can experience garden art, nature and landscape design.