A spotlight on group cruising

The cruise market is a sector that is continuing to thrive, despite the economic downturn we are all experiencing.

Cruise For Groups

So why have many more GTOs not explored cruising as a group opportunity? There are a number of reasons, including misconceptions about its overall appeal and cost; cruising is no longer just for the elite, however – it now covers a much broader spectrum with cruises catering to suit all ages, interests and most budgets.
It was during my time working with a major cruise operator that I became aware of a gap in presenting and fulfilling the cruise requirements of the group sector and this discovery encouraged me to set up Cruise for Groups, a one stop shop for group cruise holidays. I’m delighted that the editor of GTO magazine has invited me to use my industry knowledge and experience of helping groups to introduce GTO’s first Cruising News special. We hope that you pick up plenty of ideas to dip your toe in the water – or try something new!
Steve Plummer, Director, Cruise for Groups