A taste of honey

To celebrate the honey harvest that has just taken place at Lancaster London, the hotel has revamped its traditional Afternoon Tea in homage to its hard working bees.

Produced by around half a million bees that live in 10 hives on the roof of the hotel, the honey is a clear champagne colour. It is very sweet, but with an interesting citrus finish due to the bees pollinating the lime trees in Hyde Park opposite the hotel.

The Afternoon Tea will include honey inspired treats such as pear and honey cupcakes, and dark chocolate and honey lollipops. A selection of fine finger sandwiches, savoury tartlets, and freshly baked scones with clotted cream and jam are also included.

Lancaster London has long been a supporter of beekeeping, and organises the annual London Honey Show every October. This year the show raised money for Bees Abroad.

The hotel offers special rates for groups, with prices depending on the requirements and size of the party and subject to availability.

For further information email groups@lancasterlondon.com.