Airbus pass

AIRCRAFT manufacturing company Airbus offers three tours of its site in Toulouse, France.

Views of the Airbus factory

Views of the Airbus factory

The ‘Jean Luc Lagardère’ tour allows groups to see around the site where A380 airliners are constructed, and includes a view of the planes’ testing stations.
A new feature allows visitors to board a full-scale A380 model to learn about the inner workings of the aircraft – the world’s only double-decker.
The ‘Airbus Heritage Tour’ includes a look round Concorde and the Airbus A300B, and the ‘Panoramic’ tour is a coach ride around the entire 700-hectare Airbus site, taking in points of interest such as the company headquarters, the training centre, the design offices and development centres and the assembly lines.

The tours, each of which lasts for approximately 90 minutes, are suitable for groups of up to 49 people and must be booked in advance, through tourism operator Taxiway.

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