Coaster reaches for the stars

An artist’s impression of the new Galactica ride.

Alton Towers Resort is to launch a rollercoaster entirely dedicated to ‘virtual reality’, where riders fly through an artificial environment viewed through special headsets.

Located in the Forbidden Valley area of the Staffordshire theme park, Galactica has been developed to convince riders they are astronauts being catapulted into outer space.

Each rider will be guided from the launch pad into space, and will experience flying and looping beyond the stars, banking through wormholes and speeding across undiscovered galaxies, revealing the wonders of the cosmos.

The visuals have been synchronised to the twists, turns and loops of the rollercoaster to recreate the sensation of hurtling through space, with visitors riding in a prone position along the 2,760-foot track.

Riders will experience a maximum G-force of 3.5gs, as opposed to the 3gs real astronauts are usually subjected to during a rocket launch.

Galactica is set to open in April 2016. Alton Towers Resort offers special rates of entry for groups of seven people or more.

For further information telephone 0871 222 6944 or visit