Giving group specialists a voice

IT’S been very encouraging to meet up with a significant number of group travel professionals in the past few weeks as we held our two autumn/winter GTBF events in quick succession.

Peter Stonham

The substantial knowledge and experience – often hard won by working over a number of years in this specialist area – amounts to a very valuable pool of insight and information. Through the Forum, we can not only exchange it together, but also feed it into the wider travel and tourism world.
We’re very pleased to now be working with the Tourism Alliance, as part of the industry’s sounding board to government on issues of importance to the sector and concerns that should be reflected in policy. Kurt Janson, its Policy Director, who spoke at our winter meeting, has already alerted us to several matters where the voice of group travel needs to be heard more clearly to avoid damaging and inappropriate legislation or regulations coming into force.
The meeting also saw us establish the Forum’s new membership arrangements and I’m delighted to say we are getting a steady number of people signing up to play a part in our discussions. Do join them if group travel is your speciality.

Editorial Director, Group Travel Organiser

For more information, please visit the Group Travel Business Forum.