Hair-raising ride

Derren Brown prepares to get inside your mind.

Thorpe Park in Surrey is to introduce a ride dreamt up by TV illusionist Derren Brown.

Described as a ghost train reinvented for the 21st Century, the age-restricted attraction will incorporate live action elements, nextgeneration technology and 4D special effects in an attempt to create an experience unlike any other.

Housed inside a large disused Victorian warehouse, the ride will take the form of a 65 foot-long, seven tonne Victorian train carriage suspended in mid air by iron chains.

Little has been revealed about what will take place within the carriage, but the attraction is designed to leave guests questioning where their perception ends and where reality begins.

On the 10 to 15-minute ride, there are 12 possible journeys to get totwo alternate endings. Dependant on choices made, each individual rider will encounter a different path as they go through the experience.

For further information telephone 0871 663 1673 or visit the Thorpe Park website.