Help available for vet trips

I am writing to you on behalf of World War II veterans who, due to a lack of advertising, may not have been aware that in 2010 financial grants, Heroes Return II, were made available by the Big Lottery Fund to enable veterans, male or female, to pay a visit of remembrance to the theatre of war that they were involved in.
It appears that the number of veterans claiming these grants were far less than anticipated, resulting in them being extended to 31st December, 2012.
It would be helpful if you could make these details known so that veterans, who will now be aged 80 and over, may still take advantage of the grants and plan a visit.
The grants range from £150, to cover travel and accommodation for veteran, spouse and carer, within the UK, £1,300 to Northern Europe and £5,500 for the Far East. They are also available to widows and widowers of veterans.
As I have received a grant for a visit I made last December, I would be more than willing to advise any of your readers on how and where to claim.

Ted Cachart

49 Squadron Association, West Midlands