Jurassic larks

A feathery velociraptor in ‘Age of the Dinosaur’.

A feathery velociraptor in ‘Age of the Dinosaur’.

The Natural History Museum’s summer blockbuster exhibition, ‘Age of the Dinosaur’, sees visitors transported back more than 65 million years to the misty, swamp-like Jurassic lagoons and Cretaceous forests of prehistory.

Featuring realistic plant life and insects, the exhibition includes a number of lifesized animatronic dinosaurs including a bird-like velociraptor, a long-necked camarosaurus and a huge, meat-eating tarbosaurus.
Along the way, visitors have the opportunity to investigate fossils, handle specimen replicas and test their dinosaur knowledge with electronic games.

‘Age of the Dinosaur’ runs until 11th September at the Natural History Museum in London.
Special rates are available for groups of 15 or more who book online.

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