Group visits to ZSL London Zoo and ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Jurassic seas in Brighton


Turtles at Sea Life Brighton.


The world’s oldest operating aquarium – Sea Life Brighton – recently opened a new feature, Jurassic Seas, looking at the underwater age of the dinosaurs, and I was pleased to be invited to the press launch with my husband, Rich, and son, Herbie. The new section is part of the ongoing £10 million refurbishment project at the attraction, and it brings three dinosaurs from the deep back to life using motion sensor technology – the Plesiosuarus, Megalodon and Liopleurodon.

A Giant Nautilus.

A Giant Nautilus.

Creatures that still exist from the period have also been brought into the display including the amazing Giant Nautilus and Horseshoe Crabs. General Manager Max Leviston was on hand with information about how the new feature was developed as well as showing off a genuine Megalodon tooth, which forms part of the display. The area is full of interactive activities to engage adults and children alike, and great savings are available for groups.