Richard Corrigan Interview

We speak to Richard Corrigan, one of the top chefs taking part in the first ever Love Cooking events touring around the UK.

Richard Corrigan

Richard Corrigan

Tell us a bit about yourself Richard and your background as a chef?

I’m a farmer’s son, born in Ireland, and a huge lover of the countryside. I have particular and passionate views on ethical farming and my approach to food is pretty straight-forward and uncomplicated. I began my career as a chef when I was 17, moving to Holland to work in a series of Michelin-starred restaurants, and I now own and run Corrigan’s Mayfair in London and the nearby Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill, which can also now be found in Dublin.

You’re taking part in this year’s Love Cooking events. Is this a new event and how did you become involved?

It is a new live event that will have a wonderful range of chefs and locations including Bristol, Edinburgh, Harrogate and London. Once I knew my friend, the restauranteur Mark Hix, was going to be involved, I was delighted to accept the invitation to take part in the London show.

What can groups expect from the event?

Top chefs and wine experts showing you what they do best. There will be master-classes and lots of other interesting foodie related stuff going on. Get yourselves down there!

What made you want to become a chef?

My mother, in short. She was a fabulous person and a brilliant cook – watching her make bread or roast a pheasant was really inspiring. I felt that food was always going to be my future.

What type of food do you like to cook?

I like to cook simple, uncomplicated food. Ideally organic, of very high quality and accompanied by a nice bottle of wine.

You were chosen to cook for the Queen’s 80th birthday – what did it feel like?

It was a huge, momentous occasion and to be one of the four that ended up cooking for her was an honour. I was a very happy bunny.

If you were on death row and had to choose one last meal, what would it be?

A piece of bacon swimming in a large cauldron of broth!

Having been awarded a Michelin star in 1998, is there anything else you hope to achieve?

Since hitting my mid 40s, I think differently. It was always an ambition to own restaurants I was really proud of and I have done that in both Bentley’s and Corrigan’s. I feel like a very lucky man.