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Salt works on the boil

Steaming Salt Pan simulation web

A steaming salt pan simulation at the Lion Salt Works Museum.

Despite only having opened in June, the Lion Salt Works Museum near Northwich in Cheshire has already welcomed its 10,000th paying visitor.

Adjacent to the Trent and Mersey Canal and close to Weaver Hall Museum and Workhouse and the historic Anderton Boat Lift, the museum offers a fascinating journey through the life of the country’s last open-pan salt-making site.

Theatrical lighting, sound and film helps to evoke the giant clouds of steam once produced by the site’s huge salt-boiling pans.

Groups exploring the site and its restored buildings will discover how the salt works operated and the impact of salt on mid-Cheshire’s people, economy and landscape.

A visit will also set the scene for a wider exploration of the footpaths, waterways and attractions of the adjacent Northwich Woodlands (a 350-hectare area of vibrant and accessible parkland) and the wider Weaver Valley.

Special rates are available for groups of 10 or more people, who should book in advance of their visit.

For further information telephone 01606 275040.