Science at your fingertips

AUGUST will see the opening of a new science centre in Grålum, Norway.

INSPIRIA will include a wide variety of hands-on attractions intended to both entertain and educate visitors in the fields of mathematics, science and technology, allowing them to explore how these fields relate to the natural world, environmental issues and people’s health.
A number of the attractions have been modified from exhibits originally designed for the UKbased science centre, At-Bristol.
Among these is the Vein Viewer, a device that allows users to place their hand behind a screen and see their own blood vessels.
INSPIRIA will also feature a planetarium seating up to 60 people and regular science shows, as well as a restaurant offering outdoor seating during the summer.
Special entry rates are available for groups of 20 or more booked in advance, and a visit to INSPIRIA can easily be combined with a trip to the nearby Resort Sarpsborg, with its activity centre and aqua park.

For further information

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