Simply not on

Simply Groups recently took a group of GTOs to visit stately homes, National Trust properties and many other places of interest in Yorkshire.
The organisation of this familiarisation trip took many hours of careful planning so that we could offer GTOs a varied itinerary covering as many places as possible in the region.
We were very kindly assisted by all our partners, who offered their services at a discount.
In essence, the trip was a huge success and we thank all our suppliers for their participation.
However, despite the careful vetting of group organisers who applied to take part, we discovered during the tour that some GTOs had already decided to use an alternative tour operator for their trip to Yorkshire prior to even travelling with us.
We also learned that another organiser had absolutely no intention of using Simply Groups at all.
She was just using the familiarisation tour to get ideas so that she could put her own itinerary together. I have no idea if she has cover in accordance with the Package Travel Regulations, but it is highly unlikely.
Some of the clients on the tour were completely amazed at the selfish actions of these GTOs who seemed to think that this was perfectly acceptable behaviour.
Simply Groups is not a huge organisation and the familiarisation tours that we put together, with our partners, take a massive amount of hard work.
Of course, we do these familiarisation tours to generate business and expect to attract organisers who have a genuine interest in bringing their group to the region. Whilst there is no guarantee everyone will book a tour, we do at least expect to be given the opportunity to provide a competitive quotation.
Shauna and I would like to thank those genuine group organisers who took this tour for all the right reasons.
For those who I mentioned above, and to others who act in this way, I must stress that tour operators will not accept this attitude and we will, in future, be even more vigilant.

Simon Ayers

Simply Groups West Yorkshire