Tower Bridge opens behind-the-scenes tours

Explore Tower Bridge’s Bascule Chamber beneath the Thames

London’s Tower Bridge is once again offering groups the chance to access areas that are usually out of bounds to the public, as part of its annual Engineering Tours.

The tour is divided into two parts, with the first half led by one of Tower Bridge’s tour guides.  It includes an audio-visual exploration of the Tower Bridge exhibition, which explains the history of the bridge and its construction, a visit to the Victorian Engine Rooms and a walk along the panoramic walkways that are suspended 42 metres above the Thames.

Visit the out of bounds Control Room

The second part of the tour takes visitors to those areas usually off limits to the public.  One of Tower Bridge’s senior technical officers will take visitors to the Bridge Control Room, the Bascule Chambers situated below the level of the river bed and the Machinery Room that houses the hydraulics that power the lifting of the bridge.

Visitors will discover how the bridge operates today and have the opportunity to ask any questions that they may have.

The tours will take place every weekend during January and March 2013.  Tickets are £30 each, which includes a Tower Bridge Guide Book, and go on sale from the 23rd November.  Tours last for 90 minutes and each tour is limited to 12 places.

For further information please telephone 020 3355 5585