Universal problem

The letter from Brian Gibson in the May issue of GTO highlights his problem in obtaining insurance for his holidays abroad. However, this is an issue that also affects those of us who holiday in this country, so I suspect that every GTO suffers.
I have been a group organiser for many years, although for the last six I’ve been connected to an over 50s club with a membership of 125 plus, which I founded.
Each year, the increased health and safety issues, higher coach costs and the exhorbitant insurance charges all contribute to unnecessary stress to the poor old GTO, in addition to excess time consumption.
My group do not go abroad; all our holidays and trips are in the UK. The day trips involve two coaches and the holidays one coach. Until this year, we’ve had no problem with insurance, taking out a combined group policy.
Now, the same insurers have amazed me with their attitude, thinking it necessary to double our premiums for this year.
I have spent hours and hours on the internet seeking insurance quotes, and I’m amazed that some companies clearly state that they do not cover anyone over 70 years of age, as well as the wide variation in premium costs. The travel industry needs to get to grips with the insurance industry quick before it is too late.
Thankfully, I have at long last found an insurance company that is prepared to cover our group at a realistic price, and I am thankful we keep our holidays to these shores.
Why do we old ’uns have to be penalised for our pleasures in advancing years? It begs the question, who would want to be a group travel organiser?

Barry R Whitehouse MBE

Bloomfield Over 50’s Club, West Midlands