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This website is the companion online resource from the people who publish Group Travel Organiser magazine, the UK’s first and leading publication exclusively addressing the needs of group travel organisers. The magazine has been published for nearly 30 years and has brought a wealth of news, information and ideas for group trips to organisers all over Great Britain and visiting the UK from abroad.

This website harnesses the same information for the benefit of both our subscribers and a wider audience of group organisers both in the UK and overseas. So if you are a ‘group tour planner’ in the United States, or an ‘organisateur’ for a ‘comite social’ in France, or a ‘Gruppenreiseveranstalter’ in Germany you are just as welcome to join our online community of group travel organisers, and in particular getting the best out of bringing group visitors to the UK by sharing the knowledge of the home audience.

As you explore the sections of this website you’ll find features and news items that have also been published, or will be published in Group Travel Organiser magazine. Plus our regular specialist feature articles by our knowledgeable expert contributors. You’ll find both additional material exclusive to this website that is not in the magazine, and a rich archive of information that we’ve built up about particular topics over the past few years. You can also read the latest issues of the magazine in digital form and downloadable versions of our most recent supplements. If you’d like a printed copy of the magazine (free for group organisers in the UK!) then use the forms on the Subscribe page.

The magazine is published eight times a year and is circulated to around 9,000 individuals. Subscribers will also receive our supplements on particular countries, regions and subjects of interest to groups.

We hope you will find the website useful. We want you to feel part of our community, so we’d love to hear your views on the site and how we can improve it.

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