A Big Thank You


GTO Pat King on an outing.

With the travel and leisure industry suffering incredible disruption and financial difficulty at this time, it is good to hear from GTOs who have experienced especially good service from travel operators whilst re-arranging their plans.

One such is GTO Pat King of Buckden Friends, who wrote to us to express her appreciation of the response to the coronavirus pandemic of coach holiday company Harry Shaw.

‘I’d like to say a big thank you to the group travel company Harry Shaw. They have been brilliant in allowing my Buckden Friends Group to transfer our May holiday in Blackpool to 2021 without charging us or losing our deposits. I hope all your readers receive such good service.

When treated as well as this it gives me, as a group organiser, faith to plan for the future.’

If you have been impressed by the efficiency and helpfulness of hard-pressed travel companies, venues, hotels and attractions at this time, let me know by contacting me here at GTO magazine.

Fiona Horan, Editor, GTO magazine.