Capture those moments in four ways than one

We focus on the 4-in-1 Lens Kit for your smartphone

We focus on the 4-in-1 Lens Kit for your smartphone

Jonathan Ingram works with the GTO team on our digital projects, and has proved to be a dab hand at finding solutions to ‘techy’ problems. He’s also a great source of suggestions for how GTOs can enhance their activities to help them in their roles.

With smartphones and tablets becoming more prevalent in our society, coupled with their ease of use, taking photos during your group trips has never been easier.

However, whilst most smartphone cameras are capable of remarkably good image quality – one limitation is that you only have access to the fixed lens that accompanies it – giving you little wiggle room for those carefully crafted compositions.

Thankfully there are cost-effective solutions available for all you budding photographers out there, which won’t restrict your creativity, and are a doddle to use. With the added bonus of not having to carry around a dedicated camera!

One of these solutions is the PNY 4-in-1 Lens Kit, which allows you to snap-on a new lens over the top of your existing one.

The lens kit comes with four different optics; a 15x macro that will allow you to take extreme close-ups, a 198° fisheye to produce circular images, and two wide-angle lens at 0.63x and 0.35x with the latter being advertised as a “super-wide-angle lens”, perfect for those occasions when you want to get everyone in shot for those memorable group photos!

All four lenses are housed on a padded plastic clip, which you simply clip onto and over your existing lens. The felt padding protects both your smartphone and the lens, whilst a small felt bag is also provided to protect the lenses when they’re not in use.

The product is advertised as an affordable lens kit for smartphones, but we also found it works well on tablets too. Image quality is mostly decent for the price you’re paying, which is currently retailing at £25.

We certainly recommend it as a good entry-point for GTO’s who are teetering on the idea of purchasing high-end photographic equipment for their future trips, or those of you who simply want to improve your photographic skills as a casual user.

The ‘PNY 4-in-1 Lens Kit’ was reviewed using a product donation provided by ‘PNY Europe’. You can find additional information about our ethics policy on product reviews.