Escape Rooms – Enjoying a new group experience

The craze of Escape Rooms has swept across the UK in the last year or so.

Defined as a physical immersive experience game, players are trapped in a room and have to solve puzzles and clues in order to escape. London, in particular, is now packed with various escape games with different and exciting themes to choose from.

Although many escape rooms can only house a limited number of team players, larger groups can be split into smaller ones to play games at the same time, and many escape rooms have started to cater to corporate events and welcome parties of people with social hospitality arrangements to match the actual escape experience itself.

In the entries below, we list a number of escape room offers in both London and elsewhere in the UK.

Escape Rooms in London

Escape Entertainment

Self-professed as the only escape room in London that can accommodate large groups of up to 120 people, Escape Entertainment in George Yard offer two identical rooms for direct competition between teams.

Realising the importance of escape rooms as an experience rather than just a game, they cater to all types of groups and offer a food and beverage package and a private lounge alongside their three escape rooms.

For larger groups who want to stay in one room they offer a Prohibition Pandemonium game which holds up to 12 people per room and they also offer an outdoor game with GPS navigation to solve puzzles linked to various venues – an ideal way to get familiar with the city – where 40 players can split into groups of three to solve the clues.

A price of £26 per player includes a briefing before the game, an hour in escape room (or two hours for the outside game) and use of the photo booth after.

For more information telephone 020 7283 3883.

Locked in a Room

Locked in a Room allow 78 players to compete at the same time in 13 heavily themed escape rooms, located in ExCel London, overlooking Royal Victoria Docks.

The games offered are Invisibility Gene, discover and prevent a catastrophe Professor Scabworthy is unleashing on Canary Wharf, and Timelock, discover the secrets of a scientist kidnapped by armed assailants.

Locked in a Room also has locations in Milton Keynes which allows 48 players across three games at the same time, and Bristol which holds 48 players across two different games and is also home to exclusive Bristol game Infinity. For groups of over 18, the price is £27 per person.

To find out more telephone 020 7476 5571.

Escape Room London

Located in Shepherd’s Bush, this room houses up to 20 players split into groups of up to seven players and the teams play games at the same time. Shepherd’s Bush offers the themed rooms: Area51, The Da Vinci Room and The Cabin, and the Escape Room’s Shadwell location, which can hold 18 people altogether, offers Witchcraft and Wizardry, Escape the Seven Seas and Taken.

Off peak prices are up to £19 and peak prices are up to £20. For further information telephone 07498 285761.


clueQuest, at Caledonian Road, can be booked for groups of up to 54 players who will then be split into smaller groups to compete in the rooms.

There are three missions offered: PLAN52, BlackSheep and Revenge of the Sheep, which all take an hour to complete. The off peak price is £25, while the peak price is £30.

For more information telephone 07798 772382.

Crystal Maze Experience

Based on the hit TV show, and located in both London and Manchester, the Crystal Maze Experience can be played and exclusively hired by 32 people. Larger groups are split into smaller groups of up to eight people.

In the game there are four different adventure zones: Aztec, Industrial, Futuristic and Medieval. The aim of the game is to win tokens to play in the final challenge, The Crystal Dome, where players have to catch as many tokens as they can despite being blasted by super-strength fans.

Prices are from £64.99 per person. To find out more telephone 0161 791 0727.

Trapped in a Room

Trapped in a Room, in Stratford, can house larger numbers of groups in their rooms. In their room Trapped in a Room with a Zombie, up to ten people can play and the aim of the game is to solve the clues in order to escape the room while being trapped in a room with a zombie.

Throughout the hour, the zombie’s chains are loosened gradually. A group of eight can play Trapped in a Prison Van where they have an hour to figure out how to escape the van before being taken to prison forever.

The Mobile Escape Game, an MI6 surveillance van, can hold up to 20 or more people and is available for hire. Prices are £30 per person.

For further information telephone 0330 333 8085.

Escape Land

Located in Oxford Street, Escape Land can accommodate 12 people at one time with up to six people per room. The rooms offered are a mad scientist room, Professor Oxford’s Experiment, where players have to use the professor’s time machine to escape his mad experiments and come back to the present, and Da Vinci’s Exploration, where you have to stop evil forces from finding the Holy Grail and get there before them.

The price for six players is £120. For more information telephone 07897 454152.

Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms has two locations. Its Angel venue offers two games which both have a maximum of seven players and both have a space theme.

The Project D.I.V.A is a game about a defense and research station falling into lower orbit. The player has to get on board and destroy D.I.V.A and reboot the system so future colonisation efforts are not lost.

In Dark Side of the Moon, you have to travel to the moon, find the enemy base and destroy what is left of it and anyone you find there.

The London Bridge venue can hold 13 players across two rooms, up to seven in Pharaoh’s Chamber – A Cursed Tomb, a game where players raid the tomb, find the treasure and light the flames of the gods in order to escape, and up to six players in Room 33 – A Mysterious Journey, where you are going to be executed for stealing a vase so you have to travel through time to the present day to steal the vase from the British Museum and then escape back to the past in one hour.

Prices for seven players at London Bridge are £17 and £18 for six players, while Angel is £20 for seven and £21 for six.

To find out more telephone 02072 535378.

Escape Rooms Outside London

Xscape Now

This escape room in Telford can only house six people in each room, but it welcomes families, colleagues and friends and has interesting themes to choose from.

The games are: Baker Street Mystery where a Victorian gang The Baker Street Five commit crimes and players have to uncover identities and bring them to justice, Red Planet Panic where Mars is being bombarded by a meteor storm and you have to evacuate and head back home in the rocket before the meteor strikes, and Houdini’s Mystereum where Corbin the magician traps you in a Houdini exhibition and you have to escape.

Prices are £15 per player. For more information telephone 07526 081634.

Exit Room Brighton

For 2018 this escape room in Brighton has a special deal of £15 per person for groups of eight or more, which is perfect for parties of people or corporate events.

The games offered are Murder at the Pier: Revenge where the Brighton Trunk Murderer has been discovered but he has trapped you in his private residence and you need to escape and Return of the Mad Scientist where you have to stop the scientist from launching a rocket into space and irradiating the world’s atmosphere.

There is also a game called Secret Agent: the Black Box which is a top secret James Bond mission, and is only available for booking by email.

For further information telephone 01273 722065 or email


Located in Bognor Regis, TimeCraft can hold up to nine players. The aim of the game is to crack codes, solve puzzles, decipher secret writings and find hidden compartments in an attempt to escape the Victorian England escape room.

The price ranges from £86 for a group of four to £171 for nine players. To find out more telephone 07478 433222.

Doctor Who Rooms

In December, after the autumn launch of the TV series, Doctor Who, the first Doctor Who escape room in Britain will launch. Escape Hunt, which has a network across 27 countries, has signed a licence deal with BBC Studios to offer fans of the hit TV show the opportunity to take part in a Doctor Who themed room.

The game will be available in Bristol and players are advised to add their email to the mailing list in order to be one of the first to take part.