Go ‘Behind the Screens’ with Victoria Baths

Victoria Baths is opening its new season with a brand new tour that will take visitors ‘Behind the Screens’, as Manchester’s Water Palace reveals its starring role in some of the most popular TV dramas of recent times.  This will be a new addition to its regular weekly tour programme that takes place between April and October 2020.

Peaky Blinders, Houdini & Doyle, Cold FeetMrs Biggs, World on Fire and many more; the roll call is endless. Victoria Baths has acted as a morgue, prison, hospital, fish market, auction house and even, on occasion, a swimming pool! All of which form part of the plot line for the ‘Behind the Screens’ tour.

The action starts in some of the areas not usually accessible to the public and where some iconic TV moments have taken place.  You’ll find yourself in the filter room where a famous Tom Hardy scene from Peaky Blinders took place and in the basement where a prison cell was built for Houdini & Doyle.  There are original props to see, location photo opportunities and back stage secrets to be divulged.

As your tour guide takes you around the building, fascinating stories will be revealed and magic moments rekindled.  Photographs will help to illuminate key scenes such as the beautifully staged book launch by the Cold Feet team in the Gala Pool and the horse auction in Peaky Blinders.

Filming at Victoria Baths has not only helped to raise its profile, it has made an important financial contribution towards the running and maintenance costs of this historic building.  Early film crews, such as Cracker (1993-5) and Prime Suspect (1996), used the building when it was in a derelict state, after it closed in 1993.  Today’s film crews are welcomed to a much-loved building that is used as a heritage arts and events venue, supported by an enthusiastic team of staff and volunteers.

The new ‘Behind the Screens’ tour will complement the popular weekly tours that take place every Wednesday at Victoria Baths between April and October.

All the money raised from the events and activities held at Victoria Baths helps to keep this beautiful building open to the general public and supports the Trust’s long-term vision, to bring back into their original use some of the building’s historical features, including the Turkish Baths.

For further information on Victoria Baths visit www.victoriabaths.org.uk