Introducing the paper tablet from reMarkable

The reMarkable paper tablet

The reMarkable paper tablet

Jonathan Ingram works with the GTO team on our digital projects, and has proved to be a dab hand at finding solutions to ‘techy’ problems. He’s also a great source of suggestions for how GTOs can enhance their activities to help them in their roles.

In the office I’m known for our digital development, but as surprising as it may be to some, I don’t enjoy using smartphones or tablets for note-taking.

Nothing beats that feeling of writing on paper. Even with a technical mindset my modus operandi for planning a new project is to make notes or draw diagrams on anything other than a digital device. Humans have been using this method of expression for hundreds of years, so the industry needs to forgive those of us who feel reluctant with the idea of writing on glass.

So say hello to the reMarkable paper-tablet, created by a Norwegian startup company based in Oslo. It’s the future of note-taking for those reluctant to give up on paper, whilst at the same time ushering in a new era for the tablet marketplace.

The reMarkable paper tablet

The reMarkable paper tablet

The reMarkable isn’t a traditional tablet. The non-reflective surface of the monochrome screen resembles that same paper grain texture that’s familiar to us all. With the included pen it even simulates the same scratching sound you get when writing on normal paper!

It provides a generous amount of storage space to store thousands of your notes/drawings and keep them all in one place, which will come in handy whilst on your travels. The interface is simple to use and if you like to keep things in an orderly manner then you’ll be pleased to know that all your work is labelled and easy to find in folders. You can also store your entire e-book collection too, saving significant luggage space for all those bookworms out there!

Like all devices it needs to be charged from time-to-time but the running time between those charges is impressive and will easily last a short trip, and unlike other tablets the included pen doesn’t need to be charged at all! The screen is touch-enabled and pressure sensitive, so it will react to finger input and thankfully the palm-rejection is solid, so all you left-handed individuals like myself can rejoice in the fact that we won’t accidentally spoil our own work.

Whether you have a technical need, creative use or simply would like to write on a ready-lined page, then the exhaustive list of available page templates will have you covered. There’s also schedule planners and checklists if you’re one of our organised GTOs!

So, should you buy the reMarkable? Well that depends on how much you love the concept, coupled with your current financial situation. But with a price tag of £549 your love for paper will certainly be challenged by how attached you are with the paper in your wallet.

The ‘reMarkable paper tablet’ was reviewed after a member of staff decided to purchase the product for themselves (and therefore was not donated by reMarkable). You can find additional information about our ethics policy on product reviews.

GTOs can get £75 off your reMarkable order!

Our friends at reMarkable are giving all GTOs the opportunity to purchase their own paper tablet with a generous £75 discount code! All you need to do is provide your email address, and wait for the discount code to be sent to you.

If you’d like to learn more about the reMarkable paper tablet then simple tick the appropriate box on their website, otherwise just leave it unchecked instead (as there’s no obligation to do so).

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