Locate your missing belongings whilst on your travels

Chipolo key finder

The Chipolo Plus, which is the size of a small keyring.

Jonathan Ingram works with the GTO team on our digital projects, and has proved to be a dab hand at finding solutions to ‘techy’ problems. He’s also a great source of suggestions for how GTOs can enhance their activities to help them in their roles.

When one of my colleagues told me about mislaying his wallet on a recent trip, it made me think about a techy tip to help keep tabs on possessions whilst on the road. I’ve discovered that help is on hand with the assistance of a key or object finder from Chipolo.

Historically the intelligence inside these standard key finders was always self contained, primarily because they were sound based. A simple clap or whistle was all it took to alert them, which was a great idea in theory but they were notorious for their poor performance and false alarms. But with smartphones becoming increasingly popular, it seems logical to use app driven software to operate the new breed of object finders now on the market.

The product comes in two guises – the Chipolo Plus, which is the size of a small keyring, and the Chipolo Card that’s thin enough to slip inconspicuously into your wallet. The idea is to attach these devices to your keys, wallet, or anything else you consider valuable that you’re likely to mislay. The new style key finder is paired up to your smartphone using Bluetooth. Once initialised, a press of the button on the Chipolo app will trigger a loud alarm on the key finder that can reach up to 100 decibels.

Chipolo Card

The Chipolo Card that’s thin enough to slip inconspicuously into your wallet.

You’re not just restricted to your items at home though, because you can also use them during your travels! Especially with those easily misplaced hotel keys or by attaching them to your luggage so you can more easily locate it.

There’s also the obvious benefits for the visually challenged, as well as those with memory problems associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Other enhancements include the fact that they’re water resistant, come in a variety of bright colours (useful for colour-coding), and they can also work as a remote activation for your phone’s camera shutter (great for long distance photos with your travel group). You can also utilise it in role reversal, so if you lose your smartphone a simple double-press on the device will ring your phone (even if it’s set to silent).

So there you have it. A wonderful invention that has been refined over the years by Chipolo to create a useful little device to aid you in your travels.

Sadly it came a little too late for my colleague (who never did find his wallet) but with the Chipolo retailing at just £23 you have the perfect opportunity to keep your own valuables at an audible distance. Sound advice, I hope you agree!

Top tip: if you visit uk.chipolo.net you can claim 10% off by using the promo code BLOG10

Both the ‘Chipolo Plus’ and ‘Chipolo Card’ were reviewed using product donations provided by Chipolo. You can find additional information about our ethics policy on product reviews.