Suffragette surprises for WI

13. Suffragettes website

Suffragettes take part in a pageant – one of the photographs from Christina Broom.

On Quarry Hill WI’s annual mystery day trip in July, Outings Organiser Pam Jones surprised 38 Kent-based members and husbands with a ‘Women of the Great War’ tour in London, organised by the capital’s City and Village Tours.

A regular client of the tour company, Pam, as always, found the trip very easy to put together. She says, “All I had to do was arrange the coach and they took care of the rest.”

The day started with a coach tour of the city that explored the many varied experiences of women in World War One. Pam says, “Our journey was full of interesting snippets on how women were involved in the war. We learnt about the Voluntary Aid Detachment, First Aid Nursing Yeomanry and Women’s Army Corps, as well as the Suffragette movement and Women’s Police Force.”

After a pub lunch, Quarry Hill WI then paid a visit to the Museum of Docklands to see an exhibition on the works of Christina Broom, the UK’s first female press photographer who captured shots of London at the start of the 20th century, including parades of World War One soldiers and Suffragette processions.

Pam comments, “The photographs were wonderful. I was so absorbed that I didn’t get time to see the rest of the museum!”

Rounding up the day out, Pam says, “My group loved the surprise – thanks City and Village Tours for putting together such a fantastic trip.”