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As we continue in a much changed post-pandemic world, the GTO team are keen to put their researching, writing and design skills to good use in producing material that best meets the needs and interests of our group travel audience.

We’re thinking of both particular information requirements you may have, or specific themes on which you’d enjoy receiving entertaining reading matter. We’ve got new tools at our disposal, as the latest issue of the Grapevine shows, with our first ‘long form’ documentary on-line feature article exploring England’s silk history. Treat yourself to an enjoyable and informative read here.

We’d love to produce more in this style, on subjects that you are particularly interested in. The GTO magazine will be back in due course, but at the moment it isn’t possible for us physically or commercially to publish it, and thus the Group Travel Organiser website and the bi-monthly Grapevine is the place to read our latest features, news and ideas. If you haven’t yet subscribed to the Grapevine free e-newsletter, you can do that below.

Meanwhile, we will continue to bring our 30 years of experience to bear in serving the group travel market with quality information and enjoyable reading! So please get in touch with any suggestions and requests!

Following England’s Silk Road

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