An exciting new pop-up TV channel was broadcast live for Celebrate Group Travel Day from a London studio on Thursday 3rd September 2020.

If you missed it, then don't you can watch the full re-run below!

Celebrate Group Travel Day

An innovative online programme celebrating the world of group travel, as GTOs and their suppliers begin to shape their plans post-lockdown.

Followed by the 2020 Group Travel Awards!

Broadcast: 3rd September 2020

Presenting the best of Group Travel

Patrick Kielty

Landor Travel Publications, publishers of Group Travel Organiser magazine, are excited to have signed up a major television production company to help create and present the content of a new pop-up TV experience focusing specifically on group travel. It will be of broadcast TV quality, and run over 5 hours from a studios in London with celebrity hosts on Thursday September 3rd.

There will feature a new afternoon group travel opportunities showcase, followed by an early evening presentation and celebration of the 2020 UK Group Travel Awards. The programme will run in a modular form, so people can tune in to attend individual elements or the whole event.

This reimagined version of the GO Travel Show and the Group Travel Awards will provide a timely focus on the group travel and leisure sector, with free-to-view attendance invited from the 9,000+ organiser readership of GTO magazine, and the 1,000+ specialist group travel trade suppliers.

Special content will bring the nation’s group travel organisers and specialist suppliers, attractions and destinations together to celebrate the best in the sector, and underline the importance of group travel as it starts to resume after the dramatic suspension brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic and activity lockdown. There will be interactive elements and prize competitions, and a number of entertainment segments.

Both the GO Travel Show and the Group Travel Awards were originally scheduled to take place earlier in the year, and were postponed to early September when the government introduced its ban on social activity.

It’s now sadly become apparent that the face-to-face activity that both have traditionally involved, will in large part be impossible.

But organisers Landor Travel Publications believe that it would be sad and unnecessary for there to be no Awards and no showcase for group travel this year, and there is much to achieve by putting the spotlight on group travel as general leisure and holiday activity starts to resume, and helping connect group travel customers and their suppliers.

So instead of the usual GO Travel Show exhibition, a special event for the current circumstances will now take the form of an afternoon’s online TV studio-based activities, creatively designed to present group travel and leisure opportunities and ideas to engage the community of 9000 group travel organisers who avidly read GTO magazine and its range of connected activities. There will be presentations, quizzes, discussions and features on new visitor attractions and experiences. The whole afternoon will be hosted by a familiar broadcasting celebrity, well known for being ‘anchor’ on TV & radio events of a similar kind. New audience response technology will enable matches to be made between group buyers and sellers and follow up enquiries made, and viewer feedback collected and shared.

In the early evening the studio will be devoted to the Group Travel Awards, set up to capture the glitz and excitement of the eagerly anticipated announcement of the winners in the 20+ categories voted for by the readers of GTO magazine. Those tuning in will be encouraged to enter into the spirit of the evening, and will have their feedback fed into the programming under the supervision and co-ordination of the celebrity host. Other surprises are being built into the evening’s entertainment!

One advantage of the online format this year is that it will be possible for many more people to join in the event – and at no charge!

The whole event will be recorded and available for subsequent viewing, both as a complete experience, and as highlights.

For those looking forward to the GO Travel Show in its traditional form, we’re pleased to announce that the dates have been confirmed for it being held at Kempton Park Racecourse again on Wednesday 21st April 2021.

For further information, contact:

Darryl Murdoch (Group Travel Showcase)

tel: 020 7091 7891

Sarah Jeffery (Group Travel Awards)

tel: 01424 572 088

Group Travel TV

Tune in for our two special broadcast sessions sharing the theme of celebrating group travel. We show here the provisional running order for the programme.

2pm Welcome and introduction to the afternoon showcase. Meet our host and the team at GTO. Find out more about us and our base in Hastings – the birthplace of television!

2.15pm Our first competition winner is announced.

2.45pm to 2.50pm Features and interviews about the attractions of Wiltshire, aviation and motoring heritage, and cruising.

2.50pm Second competition winner announced.

2.55pm Editor’s update.

3pm to 3.40pm Features on heritage properties and gardens, Dorset, and Great Group Trips.

3.40pm Third competition winner announced.

3.45pm Find out more about Discover Animals

3.55pm to 4.10pm Discussion panel with Fiona Horan, Glen Thomas of Wendy Wu Tours and Kurt Jansen of the Tourism Alliance, followed by the Great West Way.

4.15pm We announce the fourth and final prizewinner, and say farewell.

4.45pm Welcome and introduction to the Awards presentation from your host Patrick Kielty and a look back at the Awards and winners in previous years, and how we collect the votes of Group Travel Organisers to find the winners.

4.50pm The presentations will begin

5.10pm Time to recap on the results and take a look at the photos you’ve been sharing with us.

5.20pm The presentations will resume

5.55pm Announcement and prize-giving for Best Dressed Individual.

6pm The award ceremony will close with a very special performance

Guide: How to watch our Celebrate Group Travel Day broadcast

How to access our innovative ‘Celebrate Group Travel Day’ broadcast on your device on 3rd September 2020.