What is Group Travel?

Although many of our readers will organise for groups of 40, 50 or several hundred people, if you organise trips, holidays or vacations for 10 or more people, then you are a group travel organiser.

The title may vary in different countries – group travel planner, group tour leader or group travel organiser, for example – but as part of our online community, you will be responsible for organising or commissioning:

  • Group tours
  • Group trips
  • Group packages
  • Group holidays

Brought to you by the team behind the UK’s leading group travel publication, Group Travel Organiser magazine, here you can find ideas about where to go and what to do with your group as well as finding the best group deals.

Find out about group travel destinations in the UK or information about group travel destinations worldwide. We have information on group visits to London theatres and events to which you can take your group. You can also find information and download a copy of the National Group Travel Report 2009 by QA Research.

National Group Travel Report 2009